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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date, Price and more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

All about Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Specs, Features and more.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was leaked in a variety of ways over the past few weeks, allowing us access to most of its details.

Today we have a peek at the release date, the pricing structure, and the specifications with which it’ll replace the Galaxy Note 8.

Now the Galaxy Note 9 is under the microscope, or at least as close to the microscope as we can get it before it’s gone completely official.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Credits: Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will almost certainly be released on August 24th in the United States. Rumors suggest that pre-orders will begin within a week of the reveal event date. The reveal event will take place on August 9th, 2018.

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The Galaxy Note 9 will cost around $950, and a whole lot of chance that it’ll cost over $1000 once it’s got internal storage larger than 64GB. This smartphone will likely have launch offers that include wireless earbuds and cases, too.


We have had a look at the full collection of official Samsung made cases and accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as they have all been leaked. Or at least the first wave was leaked, and we have got a pretty good idea of where the rest will land.

I recommend you take a peek at the Silicone Case – they’re nice to hold on to, don’t add a lot of bulk, and really do protect the device. The covers also cover the front, but I’m less enthusiastic about the amount of extra hardware those bring.

Colors and Such

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen
Credits: Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Colors for the Galaxy Note 9 will quite likely include Black, Blue, Lavender, and Brown. and the Blue version includes an S Pen that’s largely yellow. It is weird and it’s wonderful.

The Galaxy Note 9 does not appear to be launching with a Gold color edition or any sort of Rose Gold. Nor will it have a Silver or Chrome edition, at least not at first. These devices will be launched with cases from Samsung which match them and complement their color schemes quite nicely.


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